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Find forklifts, pallet trucks, tires & spare parts instantly in your space.

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Company profile

Aiolos Lifts has a long-term specialization in the field of lifting and storage machines where it imports, trades and rents machines to cover the most difficult customer demands.

After the sale we always next to the customer with the excellent technical support provided in maintenance and spare parts issues but also a specialized team who after the sale is willing to help any need arising.

The beginning of the company was in 1990-1991 and is conducted with the provision of loading and unloading services as well as the rent of forklifts and lifting machines.

In 1994-1995 started the development of the company’s activity in the field of lifting machines, a filed already thriving in that period. In 1997 Aiolos Lifts starts its own imports and today has managed to import and trade forklifts, new or used, lifting machines for house moves, furniture, construction sites, bucket trucks scissor lifts and many other parts, tools, pallet trucks etc.

Today the headquarters of the company is located in Attiki in the 14th kilometre of the Athens- Lamia motorway on the borders of Kato Kifisia and Acharnes, on the Tatoiou avenue 133 in proprietary facilities in an area of 4000 m2 which can host the exhibition, the service and the warehouse with the spare parts.


Excellent quality in Products & Services!

50+ Suppliers from all over the world

Our company, as well as all the suppliers we have selected, comply with all international regulations for the trade and import of products.

2020 Battery-Lithium Electric Pallet Trucks

For the operations of the company, we use the electric drive to increase the quality of the work and the level of work of the employees.

Great warehouse in stock!

Every day we provide immediate solutions for machinery and spare parts throughout Greece with the large stock that we constantly provide to our customers.

years of history

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“The supply chain stuff is really tricky.”
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX