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Mobile Workshop Repair

Our mobile service is a service we created aiming to maintain the machines, such as the repair of damages in the working area of the machine so that they can go back to work fast and affordably.

Our mobile service consists of five vehicles fully equipped with tools and expendables which in combination with the experienced and willing to help staff can come fast to your place and repair your machine.

In case of greater damage, where the repairs are time-consuming and requires special spare parts not available at that time, your machine is transported on a special vehicle to our garage in order to repair it and you are provided with a replacement vehicle with a low additional cost so that your work is not affected.

About Mobile Workshop Repair

Due to the growing demand of the market for Forklifts and machines, we make sure to meet the needs that arise after purchasing a machine, as the needs never stop.

More than 25 years of specialization
Forklift repair at your place
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Pallet truck Repair
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#1 Quality in Spare Parts

The world and the services of supply-chain are becoming more and more complex. Companies increasingly need an unrivalled experience and the expertise of a high-end lifting equipment service provider. Discover our solutions for the repair and maintenance of your fleet.

100% Trustmark

The term «lifting» is not complete if it not combined with the relevant term «reliable». This is exactly what we believe in Aiolos Lifts and in this field, we have made the arrangements so that our customers can enjoy complete service provision.

Lithium Pallet Trucks - 2020

The A and the Z in the field of lifting equipment and warehouse are, as we all know, pallet trucks. If the pallet trucks are not new-generation, ie electric, the staff cannot perform to the maximum and the quality of the work is lower than expected, so the result is often detrimental.

Let’s dream something, together!

Because for many years we are pioneers in the field of material handling and we offer you our services with professionalism, responsibility and good prices!


Should I wish to rent a forklift, should I rent it for a week minimum or more?
No. We can offer forklifts with lifting capabilities from 1500 to 8000 kilos, with an operator for a few hours, daily or weekly use. Therefore, you can rent the machine you are interested in for the time period you wish.
I want to buy a forklift which can lift 1000 kilos. What do you suggest?
To be on the safe side, you must buy a forklift which is able to lift 1500 kilos minimum. You can choose a forklift either with electric movement or gas, diesel depending on the area of use but also the height (lifting height).
There is a damage, my forklift does not turn on. Can you help me?
Of course, we can. Give us your address and our mobile service will be next to you shortly for the repair of the damage!
I need tyres for my forklift, can you help me?
Of course, we can. Just inform if the tyres are pneumatic or solid, as well as the brand of the machine, and we can take your old tyres and in a short period of time, we will place the selected tyres.
I am calling from the provinces and I need a spare part of a water pump. Can you help?
Of course, we can. Inform us with the brand, the model and the type of your machine and we will send you the specific spare part immediately.