Damage Repair

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Damage Repair


Our service priority, along with our business, is the damage repair for all our customers. This will end the problems created by the extensive use or malfunction by adverse weather or place conditions or even the improper use of the machine.

The fact that most damages are caused by either negligence of the operators makes us give more emphasis to the proper information of the people involved (see instructions for proper use).


Our service repairs all the damages that may happen to gas, diesel or electric engine, from a simple leak or adjustment to general repairs with oversize or liner, repairs to the power system (pumps, carburettor, injection, etc), to the electric system, to the exhaust fumes system, and even to Turbo engines.


In the transmission system, we can interfere and restore everything, from simple leaks or adjustments and malfunctions to a full reconstruction (change and repair of gears, forks, cobbler in the major and minor axis), gear replacement in differentials and reducers (crown, coil, planets, satellites), troque converters and discs for automatic gears according to the specifications of each manufacturer.


The direction system is one of the most important parts of a machine since its proper function guarantees not only the flexibility but also the security of the operator and the other workers around it in order to avoid damages which can be the result of improper maintenance.

Our company has also a great variety of spare parts and expendables, such as bars and tie rod ends and rings. We also create many of their parts ensuring more affordable repairs to pumps etc so that the right placement of the parts and the spare parts are done in a way that we have a safe and right machine.


The brake system is an equally important mechanism which if in a great condition, allows us to immobilize the machine safely.

The technicians of our team specialize in the repairing, replacement and adjustment of the brake system either they are hydraulics brakes or more complicated brakes, through pumps brakes (servomechanism) or even air systems in big machines. Many of these brake systems can be repaired so you can have a more affordable approach ensuring at the same time the maximum security.

About Damage Repair

The hydraulic system is one of the most important systems because that’s where the work comes from. For this reason, it is vital to work properly. Our service is capable of finding a solution to any problem –major or minor- arises, such as the replacement or repair of the hydraulic pump, the controls, hydraulic bottles, tilts, links, fast links etc. Many of the parts can be repaired by some sets or kit of gaskets. In this way, we can avoid costly replacement without reducing the safety of our machine according to its specification.

Apart from the maintenance and the repair of the hydraulic systems, in our service, we place all the hydraulic systems aiming to help in better and faster execution of a lifting work which requires the use of specific parts. Parts like these can be the following:

  • Side Shift
  • Fork Adjuster
  • Hinged Fork
  • Rotation Fork
  • Load Stabilizer
  • Grabbers for paper, cotton, barrels, constructing materials etc.

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