Safety measures

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Safety Measures

Safety Measures for Forklifts – Material Handling


  1. We check the condition of our vehicle ad after we have made sure that everything works well we begin our work.
  2. During our work, we always fasten our seatbelt.
  3. We watch our steps! Forklifts are heavy machines.
  4. When we lift or carry something we check if there are people under or near the load.
  5. When we move backwards we watch carefully for people or obstacles in our way.
  6. We move at low speed in blind spots, crossings and where people are.
  7. When we come out of the vehicle we make sure that we have pulled up the handbrake and that there is no gear.
  8. We do not surpass the lifting capabilities of our vehicle.
  9. We never turn abruptly our steering wheel. There is a danger of overturning; especially in counterweight machines.
  10. When our machine burns fuels (diesel, gas or especially liquid gas) we are very careful during the refuel and we comply with austere safety measures provided by the manufacturer.
  11. When we conduct maintenance works we turn off the engine.
  12. When we park the forklift in a spot with the great gradient we use the chocks at the wheels.
  13. We do not carry other people with the forklift.

14. We don’t lift other people with the forklift unless it has a proper basket and after we have secured it well.

  1. We do not trust other people w don’t know to operate the machine unless they are registered operators
  2. We never consume alcohol.


Lifting Machines for House moving – Bucket Trucks


  1. Before each use of a lifting machine, we check the engine for leaks, oil and the condition of the wire ropes of the bucket as well as the hydraulic systems.
  2. We open the additional legs as much as possible and we put chocks below.
  3. You must pay great attention during the setting and the use of trees or electric wires (especially uncoated). You must make sure that you keep a safe distance from them.
  4. In places with high humidity, we do not approach wires without a coat and especially those of high voltage. There is a danger of creating an arc. You must keep a safe distance of 5 meters minimum.
  5. In streets with the gradient, we put chocks at the wheels of the vehicle.
  6. We don’t set the machine if the wind speed is higher than 45 km/h for the lifts and 60 km/h for the bucket trucks.
  7. In lifts, we must check the stability of the point where the machine is going to stand (bars, wall, etc).
  8. In lifts, we must always tie the machine in the upper part.
  9. During the movement of the basket, we must make sure that there are no people passing below.
  10. In lifts we must secure the things moved in the basket very well.
  11. If we have set our machine in downhill place or the gradient is below 60 degrees then you mustn’t put a lot of weight in the bucket of the lift or many people in the bucket truck.
  12. We make sure that all the people who work in the upper part of the lift (on the balcony) do not hang or ascend into the bucket.
  13. In the lift, you are not allowed to lift people in the bucket.
  14. You are strictly prohibited to use lifts or bucket trucks if you are not an authorized or certified operator.
  15. The lifts/bucket trucks must be equipped with the following:


Warning triangle


Warning cones

Fire extinguishers

Reflective stickers at the back (especially in trailers)

Bleeper for moving backwards (not in trailers)

Insurance to third parties

License plates (not yet for the trailers)

  1. In bucket trucks for people, the people lifted should be equipped with the necessary safety equipment such as safety belts, helmet etc.
  2. The machines of this category must be equipped with an emergency stop button.


About Safety Measures

Forklifts apart from having their mechanical and hydraulic parts in a good condition must be equipped with the following:


  • Head and backlights as well as a headlight for moving backwards
  • Mirrors
  • Bleeper for moving backwards (no matter how annoying it can be it can warn and save lives)
  • Beacon
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Warning triangle
  • Reflective stickers
  • Warning safety stickers

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